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The "Talking Natalino" is the first control unit for Crib that manages in a synchronized way. Dissolves visual and sound effects in a single control unit, so you can create wonderful scenarios.

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In the "Talking Natalino" (renewed model). It has been maintained the basic structure, given the absolute reliability demonstrated in many years of operation and made important changes to propose a product more technologically advanced and improved in performance, compared to the previous model. The main innovation is the elimination of 220V for absolute safety. The fading of the various phases are all LED. It will be possible to use 12V LED strips or LED spotlights up to a maximum absorption of 5A. The usable power, in practice, will be able to develop light equal to or even greater than 500W of the previous model. The 220V day effect socket has been eliminated; you will have a SYL socket that can be used to supply 230V loads in synchronism with the phase. If 230V sockets are needed in other phases, it will be possible to purchase other SYL devices separately and connect them in other phases. Dynamic adjustment of the cycle duration from one minute to ten minutes. New audio system, stereophonic and with external amplifier socket; the audio system will autonomously recognize the duration of the phase and will program itself accordingly. The outputs dedicated to stars and house lights have been doubled and expansions will be possible for the use of numerous accessories. Addition of a new "time" phase with DC socket, for the connection of LED strip or spotlight, for lightning effect and relative synchronized thunder noise. This phase, if not necessary, can be excluded.

: - External power supply 230 Vac / 12V 5A-
Output power DC sockets Ø 2.5 mm-
Output effects DC sockets Ø 2.1 mm- Audio

output audio jack 3.5 mm-
Audio power 1 Watt-
Adjustable cycle time from 1 to 10 minutes

:- Power supply 230vAC/12V-
"SYL" 220Vac socket for synchronized effect-
"MAXIFO" kit 50 stars fiber optic-
Microprojectors sunrise, sunset, quarter moon, star comet-
LED fire-
Series 20 NANO LED Ø 3 mm for lights houses

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