Presepe 40x60x35 with lights and fountain

€ 205.12

Presepe neapolitan 40x60x35 cm suitable for 8 cm statuettes. This village is made with wood, cork and moss by expert Neapolitan craftsmen and is suitable for statuettes of 8 cm. The environment is divided into two areas connected by a lateral staircase. On the ground level there is a central square and a fountain. In the upper area there are several small balconies, windows and landings in which it is possible to insert the statuettes. The structure has two 220v plugs that operate the lights and the fountain.

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Brands: HolyRome
€ 58.90

The scene consists of 2 houses on 2 levels joined by an arch 15 cm high. The 2 rooms on the ground level 13 cm high, with an additional side opening, are suitable to contain 2 stores. The balconies and the rooms on the first level can accommodate figurines of 7 cm or 8 cm. The structure is made of wood, cork and polystyrene.

Mulino a vento Mulino a vento


Brands: Presepe
€ 33.00

Windmill, operating at 220v. current, slow movement of the blades, suggestive article and of great visual impact

38 / 5.000 Risultati della... 38 / 5.000 Risultati della...

38 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione House on 2 levels with fountain 51X40X73

Brands: Presepe
€ 125.00

The landscape is made up of 2 levels, both of which are illuminated. In the lower floor there is a functioning fountain, a space 24 cm deep, 8 cm wide and 14 cm high, useful for creating various types of "skits" as desired, such as a market or a work shop. We also find the 25 cm deep cave, 18 cm wide and 19 cm high, suitable for hosting a 12/13 cm nativity scene. Finally, on the upper floor there are several balconies where there is the possibility of opening the doors / windows in order to furnish the interior as well. We recommend the use of figurines between 10 and 12 cm.

Presepe 60x50x75 with... Presepe 60x50x75 with...
  • New

Presepe 60x50x75 with fountain and fence for cm 12

Brands: Presepe
€ 172.90

Presepe 63x50x74 cm 700 style with fountain and oven suitable for statuettes of 10/12 cm. Presepe made in a realistic way and rich in details by expert Neapolitan craftsmen. On the right side of the base there is a small arch with a working oven, while in the middle there is a square and a working fountain. On the left side of the structure there is a staircase. On the upper part there is a large cave suitable to host the Nativity. The scene is built with wood and cork by expert Neapolitan craftsmen and it is possible to illuminate it thanks to the lights scattered everywhere. The whole structure can be turned on through the 220V plugs.

Pandorino with cave and... Pandorino with cave and...

Pandorino with cave and lights 33x18x25 with lights

Brands: Rossi Rosa
€ 39.74

Pandorino 33x18x25 with lights. In the lower part of the structure there is a cave suitable for statuettes of 6 cm, on the second floor there are several small houses. The product is made and painted entirely by hand by experienced Italian artisans using natural products such as cork, moss and wood

Set Of 4 Little Houses 10x6x8 Set Of 4 Little Houses 10x6x8
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Set Of 4 Little Houses 10x6x8

Brands: Rossi Rosa
€ 17.99

Group of 4 houses of about 10X6X8 cm each. The products are made in Italy and each of it represents different environments.