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Natural stones, gravel and sand for sale for Presepe - PresepeePresepi

Sassi - Ghiaia - Sabbia

During the Christmas period the realization of the crib provides both the setting up of the scenario with the help of huts, houses, fountains, figurines of various kinds but also the reconstruction of a more realistic ground. The realization of the ground can include the presence of gravel, stones and sand, the choice between them is left to the pleasure of the crib maker. The sand is mostly used to recreate the Arabian world. Our gravel is in different assorted colors, necessary to decorate the crib. The use of nativity scene with stones can have different purposes, starting from the creation of roads to the simple embellishment of the scenario

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€ 1.13
Sand Powder. Suitable for making paths or deserts in the Presepe.


€ 1.31
Large mixed gravel. Suitable for the construction of paths or paving in the Presepe.

Water green grit 150gr

€ 3.00

Aqua green small grit. Suitable for making ponds or rivers in Presepe.

Large mixed gray stones 350g

€ 1.57

Bag of about 350g of large mixed gray colored stones. The size of the stones ranges from 2 to 4 cm

Fine green herb 200gr

€ 1.20

Erbetta verde scura, adatta per la realizzazione di sentieri o prati nel Presepe.

Pietrisco per presepe 70Gr

€ 2.50

Pack of rubble for crib of about 70gr. Useful for the realization of a DIY nativity scene