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Natural cork for sale Presepe -

Natural Cork

Cork is a fundamental element for the realization of the DIY nativity scene. Lovers of DIY nativity scene can not do without cork as it allows the realization of huts, houses but it is also useful for the creation of the mountainous scenery. In addition, within our site you can also find the presence of cork panels, useful for the realization of different objects useful for DIY.

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3.5Kg natural cork box

€ 21.00

Corteccia di sughero. Adatta per la realizzazione di montagne, capanne ecc.

Set of natural accessories
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Set of natural accessories

€ 16.95

Box of mixed natural accessories

- Moss

- Hay

- Cork

- 3 bundles of hay

- 3 bales of straw

- 3 burlap sacks